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Chiller CW3000
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Chiller CW3000

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Chiller S&-A CW-3000AG

  The device for active cooling of a laser tube of CO2 to 60 watts.

   Chiller of S&-A CW-3000AG serves for support of optimum conditions in work of a laser radiator, it provides normal functioning of a radiator in the conditions of big loadings and a different surrounding situation. For cooling water which low temperature is provided with powerful fans is used.

Efficiency of a chiller is calculated for cooling of one glass laser radiator with power up to 60 W, and also spindles of milling machines and welding machines.

It is equipped with functions of the alarm system of high/low temperature and a consumption of water. Is valid thermal dispersion 50vt / With?, the lowered requirements to quality of water and its temperature.

It is equipped with an intellectual control system of temperature – at change of working conditions, settings automatically switch to other temperature condition, without participation of the user.

For effective work of a chiller of S&-A CW-3000AG temperature of air should not exceed 25?. If in the alleged room temperature is higher, then it is more expedient to use the equipment with freon.

Guarantee of long-term term of operation and simplicity in service.


Cooler: - Water, compulsory cooling of a radiator with air
Capacity of a tank, l: - 9
Dispersion of heat, W / With °:  50 -
Consumption, VA: 140
Maximum height of rising of water, m: - 10
Power consumption, And: -  0.45 -
Diameter of the union, mm: - 10
Power supply, Volt: 220 (50/60 Hz)
Overall dimensions in packing, mm 585? 380? 470
Overall dimensions unpacked, mm: 470? 262? 373
Gross weight, kg: 14.5
Net weight, kg: - 12

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