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  • Milling cutting and engraving of PVC of plastic
Milling cutting and engraving of PVC of plastic
  • Milling cutting and engraving of PVC of plastic

Milling cutting and engraving of PVC of plastic


Milling cutting and engraving of PVC

Polyvinylchloride or PVC – thermoplastic polymer of vinyl chloride. Thanks to the properties (chemical firmness, hardness, durability, ease in processing, low price) is one of the most widespread plastics used in the advertizing industry. For the advertizing purposes sheet PVC in thickness from 0.2 to 30 mm is used and can be made foam, integrally made foam or monolithic. The made foam PVC is most demanded, and is presented in small classical scale of color (white, red, yellow, green, blue, gray and black)

As it was already told above, PVC very simple material in processing which can easily be processed also by manual tools (even by a usual knife). But for receiving qualitative details for processing, most often use the milling and engraving machine. Cutting on the laser equipment is not desirable as when processing PVC the laser emits chlorine. Chlorine, interacting with air components, chloride hydrogen, phosgene or dioxine which do harm can form (corrode) to elements of the machine and that is especially dangerous – these substances are carcinogens and negatively influence health of service personnel.

So, milling is the most widespread method of processing of PVC. The milling and engraving equipment gives huge opportunities for production from PVC of flat details, various difficult curvilinear and volume elements, the engraving and three-dimensional processing of a surface is also possible. It should be noted that milling of PVC is carried out at the maximum speed and guarantees the extreme accuracy of processing. The milling and engraving machine has the numerical software that defines high precision of processing and full compliance to the set drawings.

Most often milling of PVC is used at production of outdoor and interior advertizing, various difficult advertizing structures, POS materials, original packings, elements of design and scenery.

Our company on own milling and engraving machine with the vacuum clamping mechanism of fixing of material and the working field of 1300*2500 mm, will execute milling cutting, an engraving and milling of PVC of any complexity. We work quickly, precisely, qualitatively and cheap. We work both with yours, and with our materials. Low-quality work is not paid. The cost of the spoiled materials is compensated.

Information is up-to-date: 18.01.2018

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